Welcome to PDN’s Master Series on renowned celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland. In order to make your time here more fun and productive, here is a brief overview of how the site is arranged. To introduce you to the different facets of Kirkland’s work, we’ve divided the site into three separate areas: James Cameron’s Titanic (in which you’ll get to hear and read the inside story on Kirkland’s latest book James Cameron’s Titanic), Legends (where he shares his recollections of some of his more famous subjects) and Digital Darkroom (a fun area where Kirkland talks about his growing love affair with Adobe Photoshop). Within each on of these areas, you’ll be able to access several interesting bits of information about each photo. If you click on the thumbnail, for example, you’ll get a larger image of the shot--and you’ll be provided with additional text options: The Assignment option will tell you who Kirkland made the shot for and why. Click on Inside Story and you’ll get behind the scenes comments in the photographer’s own words. And click Tech Notes and Kirkland will share tidbits of general technical info about that shot. Finally, in the Digital Darkroom section, if you click on Tech Notes you’ll not only get his inside tech info, but you’ll get a look at how a particular Adobe Photoshop screen looked as Kirkland worked the image. And, of course, any time you see “audio” you’ll get to hear Kirkland talk about his images and his technique in his own words (and voice!). Explore, enjoy--and click on!