Master's Series: Barbara Bordnick

photo by Sarah Moon


When asked how she approaches her photography subjects, the legendary Fashion, Beauty, Portrait photographer answers with a provocative smile, "I treat my subjects like lovers, giving caring attention to the people I photograph. Some of my greatest friendships, therefore, have developed through my work. The camera has allowed me an intimacy with my subjects that I would never dare have without it. I can touch people in a way I never would have done otherwise and that has been a great privilege."

Barbara’s career began in Paris and Copenhagen. Today, although based in Manhattan, her assignments are still world-wide. During a career of more than 25 years this style-making photographer has garnered awards for outstanding work in film, print, advertising and art. Her images are in the permanent collections of the International Center of Photography, the Gilman Collection in New York and the Polaroid Collection in Massachusetts.

In the following pages, sponsored by Polaroid ProVivid, you will visit three expressions of Barbara’s imagery: first Fashion, then Nudes and Portraits.

As you review her photography you will see Barbara’s signature style combining taste, drama and sensuality framed in light.

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