Although many of his portraits are extremely conceptual in nature, Neleman is, of course, equally adept at shooting an honest, straight-forward portrait--as this riveting shot of actor Christopher Walken testifies. Neleman describes the shoot:

"I had 15 minutes assigned when I met Christopher Walken at the Public Theater where he was studying for a role. We really didn't have a chance to talk. I shot as many pictures as I could with my Hasselblad, as fast as possible," he recalls. Walken, he says was very intense, very intuitive. When their brief time was over, the actor noticed Neleman's large-format Sinar camera set up in a corner.
Christopher Walken
2. Christopher Walken
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"He walked off of the set and he said 'What's that?' I told him it was my 8 x 10-inch camera, but we didn't have any more time [to use it]. He said 'let's take some pictures.' He just sat down, looked right at the lens with those Christopher Walken eyes."   continue