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Although most of Neleman's special-effects work has been done in front of the camera, he recently began working with extensive computer manipulation on some of his more elaborate projects.

On this eerie still life, entitled 'Two Gods,' which was inspired in part by Rembrandt's 'The Anatomy Lesson,' he used a combination of traditional and digital techniques to blend the elements together.

Neleman first sketched and designed the central two-headed figure in great detail. It was then created under his close scrutiny by a model maker. Both of the heads were made from models of Neleman's own head, representing two opposites, like fire and water. In the process the arms were replaced with snakelike sea creatures.
The Two Gods
10. Kodak Gods
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The background elements, including the niche in which the body is sitting, and the religious icons were photographed separately and then assembled in the computer.

"I think this picture kept a very realistic quality while at the same time having a computer edge," he says.