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Hans Neleman and Duane Michals

Welcome to the latest edition of Legends Online! Once again PDN and Kodak Professional are proud to present a close-up look into the work of two of the world's most creative and free-thinking photographers: Duane Michals and Hans Neleman.

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Though quite different in their visual styles, both Michals and Neleman are united in their singular quest to reveal concepts and themes that lie beyond the grasp of mere descriptive photography.

Regardless of the specific subject being captured, it is the idea which predominates and drives their creative energy.

Though separated by a generation (Michals is 66 years old, Neleman just 37), both have devoted much of their careers to exploring the most ethereal of themes: spirituality, life-after-death, dreams, fears and desire.


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Interestingly, though both photographers are well-established in the fine art world, both also have highly successful commercial careers.

Kodak and PDN will be presenting the next Legends Online feature in the fall, previewing Eric Meola, a commercial photographer who is working on a personal book project, Last Places on Earth.

Hans Neleman

Duane Michals


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