A change of mood for the latest PDN and Kodak Professional Legends Online with the man who has been described as the finest wedding photographer of his generation: Denis Reggie.
" The whole dream of wedding photography becoming more like photojournalism has been made so much more possible by the people of Eastman Kodak, Rochester. Those little yellow boxes have advanced to such a point now where we can take pictures that we couldn't even take five or ten years ago." - Denis Reggie
Yet Reggie is so much more than a wedding photographer; his unique style combines the very best elements of reportage, portraiture and social documentary. Reggie describes himself as a historian and says he is truly motivated by the fact that future generations of the families that he is photographing will see his images as historical archives. His photojournalistic approach has earned him many high profile clients and made him one of the most highly sought after wedding photographers working today-a position he has maintained for more than 20 years. Reggie is now a star in his own right, winning numerous awards and accolades, and also appearing on television and in magazines discussing his special brand of wedding photography.

Our site offers an eye catching and user-friendly guide to the life and work of Denis Reggie. The site is divided into various sections including: a biography, a Q&A, a gallery of some of the most memorable weddings he has documented, video clips of Reggie discussing how these magic moments were captured, a special section of tips for aspiring wedding photographers and a look at what's in his camera bag.

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