Interviewer: What happens then?

Bride entering reception
Denis Reggie: Depending on the arrangement and how many albums they want, we print the pictures by hand, design their albums and bind them with leather or fine fabric. Once I come back from the wedding, we develop everything and then we proof everything that I've taken. I will look at all of them and then edit it down by around 50%. We then place them in binder albums in some kind of chronological order in the way I shot the event-this on average is around 600 shots. The client will then choose the ones for the finished albums and then we do the layout, the design. The album is a storyboard for them and their future generations.

Interviewer: So what motivates you?

Denis Reggie: I get supercharged when I see the reaction of the brides and grooms, their mothers, their fathers.Video Clip To see someone look at your photographs when you deliver them, that's a very rewarding moment for me. It's one that pleases me to know that I've impacted them. I can only read between the lines to imagine how these images will impact future, people that weren't there at the wedding.

Interviewer: What about future plans?

Denis Reggie: I love what I do. I'm right in the groove of where I'd like
to be with my career. I see myself staying with photography continuing to
push manufacturers and other photographers towards a more journalistic
look-brides love it.

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