Interviewer: When you are shooting a wedding, is there one picture that you always take? Or is there one picture that you never take?

The Schwarzenegger-Shriver wedding
Denis Reggie: Certainly the ceremonial moments of cutting a cake or that elation that's so evident when they first marry-When they are coming down the aisle. As far as things that I would not photograph. The way I work things. I want to be very judicious about what's tasteful.

Interviewer: Speaking of challenges, tell us about your first really high profile wedding.

Denis Reggie:
The one I did for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in Hyannisport in 1986,Video Clip April if I'm not mistaken, in gusty winds. And I recall that the wind was a beautiful, I thought ingredient to the day, even though I'm sure to the frustration of the bride and bridesmaids at times because of the gusts that would sort of pick things up unexpectedly. But that worked to a great advantage for me and one of these photographs that I took, which is one that was one of the groupings of the bridesmaids that Maria wanted me to do. And unexpectedly the wind just picked up Maria's dress and kind of tossed the veil into the faces and sort of ensnarled all of the bridesmaids It was an unexpected joyful moment! It was the one that Life magazine ran two months later as their big photograph.

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