Interviewer: What makes a good wedding photographer?

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Denis Reggie: Someone who is willing to give up control. They're not there Video Clipto make the news. They're there to report the news, to find the moments, to sense, to anticipate, to capture reality as it occurs, so I think that one of the best ingredients is someone that has that ability to be quiet and to be motivated by small details, nuances, seemingly simple occurrences that to their eye, to their mind are worthy of documentation. I'm not sure that it is something that can be taught as maybe it's almost a product of one's personality.

Interviewer: What about from a technical point of view?

Denis Reggie:
To be brain balanced.To have your left brain proficiency, F stops and films and the technical part, getting Video Clipthe exposure and so on, but then on the right brain, to have the heart and a mind and a consciousness to almost be an art director that's not in control, a person that sees it in an artistic way and knows what will be a great picture so in essence, to know how, but to know what to photograph.

Interviewer: He has to know how to work very quickly as well.

Denis Reggie:
Video ClipWe don't have the luxury in wedding photography of setting up
and those that work in my little realm don't even enjoy incident flash meters, you know, which is a great thing, because they're so accurate. We have to rely on reflective metering, things that are much quicker because speed is of the greatest essence in terms of success in wedding photojournalism.

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