Interviewer: Why was that?

Denis Reggie: Not so much because I loved the way they were being photographed, but actually in response to what I did not like, and that was that wedding photography was somewhat kitsch, and predictable and sort of cheesy at times, and I thought, what if we took a sports photographer's
mindset to a wedding?

Couple Dancing
Interviewer: What is your style and approach to photographing a wedding?

Denis Reggie: My philosophy which was obviously learned from my sports photography background, was to not be a leader, to not even be in control of the situation, but to rather document the event as a witness, as a historian, as a documentary photographer.

Interviewer: Back in the 70's did you have problems convincing people that this was the way forward?

Denis Reggie: In the 70's when I first began there was some resistance from families that had their previous daughter's, first daughter, second daughter, maybe or cousins photographed in the traditional portrait posed way, although I must say, that third child, whichever daughter was contacting me at that point in time was thinking: ' This is cool! You mean, I can actually get married, kiss my husband, walk down the aisle and not have to sit for two hours of portraits either before the ceremony or after for that matter. ' And of course, my answer was: 'that's right!' And so, it had a hook.

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