Interviewer: How did you first get interested in photography?

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Denis Reggie: I was actually an ex-football player back in high school days, injured my thumb of all things, couldn't play at age 16. I Video Cliphad never even seen or held a camera on a serious level. My roommate at high school, prep school, was a camera nut and he was really into it. And I thought that's sort of a cool thing. So, I actually began at age 16, photographing sports, which actually amazingly fast forwarded to today, it served me quite well in the wedding world. Because now I'm attuned at being on the sidelines, anticipating what may be left or right, pass or play.

Interviewer: Which photographers do you admire?

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Denis Reggie: Sabastião Salgado is perhaps one of my favorites. His incredible work on the migrant workers is just very sensitive and deep and rich. I would like to think that I can perhaps put my translation of that depth and that soul into weddings, as an observer, as a person on the sidelines.Video Clip I also have a great deal of admiration for Ernst Haas and of course Alfred Eisenstadt. The way Eisie photographs the reaction rather than the action was a big influence on me.

Interviewer: If we could just rewind a little, how did you get from sports to wedding photography?

Denis Reggie: At college I began to realize that my camera could actually be a source of revenue for dating and for socializing and so on. And so, I began with sports photography to sell images to the local New Orleans
newspapers. And I picked up a few dollars here and there. Through college I photographed anything and everything. Babies, passport pictures and of course, weddings, which in short order proved to be my area of interest.

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