"I want my perspective to be sensitive, of the moment, to convey reality and be of interest to the future and that's how I approach weddings: part photojournalist and part historian." —Denis Reggie

Denis Reggie
Denis Reggie has been described as "the great wedding photographer of the day" by Town & Country and "the best of the best" by Harper's Bazaar - not bad for someone who came into photography by accident. Reggie was born in Crowley, Louisiana, in 1955 but originally his aspirations were purely athletic. His career, however, was curtailed by injury, but in order to keep hanging out with the football team he brought along his camera and starting taking sports pictures; a background that was to serve him well in the arena of wedding photography that can be equally hazardous.

Throughout college, Reggie took photographs for his local newspaper and on graduation he was sufficiently confident enough to realize that there was money to be made in photography and he became a full time photographer in 1976 in Crowley. Today Reggie is best known for creating a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. He has photographed the weddings of Mariah Carey, Alan Greenspan, author Tom Clancy, Peter Jennings, the marriage of Maria Cuomo to designer Kenneth Cole as well as many Kennedy family weddings in his own inimitable style. In all Reggie photographs 52 weddings each year and his work has been featured in publications such as W, Town and Country, Elle, Vogue, Glamour and Harper's Bazaar. In between this hectic working schedule Reggie makes frequent appearances on television and he has been a guest on Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and the NBC Today Show.

Reggie says that he still gets motivated when he sees the reaction of the bride and groom and their parents to his pictures: " I live for the reward of knowing that I've made someone's life happier and that I've given news to people about an event that they would otherwise not have been able to understand or to see. It's a great profession and I love what I do."


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