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Christopher Morris

Russia, 1997
(shot with Kodak DCS 520 Digital Camera)

Russia, 1997


    One of the features of the camera that Morris says impressed him the most was the small LCD image screen on the back of the camera that lets shooters see their images instantly. "It's faster than Polaroid and you don't need a light meter," says Morris. "You get out of the car, you can just fire off for a few frames and you see your image immediately. You see if the angle's right, if you need to go to the left, if you need to go to the right--if maybe you should use a long lens, short lens. So in that respect I love the camera."

"I love the digital quickness of things - to be able to see the image, not when you go back to your hotel and you take out the disk and you put it in the computer - but you see it right away," Morris says. "You see it in the field. You see that what you're doing is not working. I should try from another angle. It's basically what advertising and fashion people do all the time, but they do it with Polaroids. In news photography we can't be going around doing Polaroids of a news event. It also was not slow and cumbersome like the older ones. It feels like the Canon camera that you use. You don't really feel like you have a digital camera. It takes the same lenses. It fires it three and a half frames a second. So it's a nice extension to what we do to have this. And also for the speed of being able to satellite your image out almost instantly."

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