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Christopher Morris

Russia, 1997
(shot with Kodak DCS 520 Digital Camera)

Russia, 1997


    Recently, however, Morris says he had the chance to experiment extensively with the Kodak DCS 520 Digital Camera while on assignment in Russia and came away with some rather surprising revelations about their use in photojournalism.

"I had been around photographers that were using the latest generation digital cameras and I wanted to use it," he explains. "I had used [digital technology] early-on, back in about 1994 when the first one came out. And I hated it."

DCS 520 Digital CameraBut of the latest generation of cameras, Morris says: "I was very, very, very impressed with this new camera. Now I have a completely new outlook on digital photography," he says. And while he doesn't know if he's ready to give up film for CCD chips yet, his opinion of the future of digital photography has changed substantially.

"I don't know if I could shoot everything on that. But I did fall in love with the camera. After I used it in Russia, I wanted it. I didn't want to let it go because I became very dependent on it," he says.

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