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Christopher Morris

A Croatian soldier talks to a priest before leaving for battle, November, 1991

Croatia, 1991


    Technically, Morris finds himself, like many modern journalists, living with one foot in the past and an other in the future. Despite the revolution in the way that images are transmitted globally - using digital cameras, laptop computers and cell phones to transmit images - Morris remains very much a traditionalist.

"I still ship my film on an airline, air freight it, or pigeon it back with a passenger," he says. "That (technology) really hasn't affected me yet. The way we work at Time, at least, it's still the way it was done 20 or 30 years ago."

Nor does Morris think that changes in technology really have much of an aesthetic effect on the pictures themselves.

"An image is an image. If it's produced digitally, if it's shot with a Leica or if it's shot with a high-speed camera with a motor drive," he says. "A still image is a slice of time - I don't care what it's captured on." Only one thing should matter to any journalist according to the photographer and this is "the moment that you've captured."

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