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Christopher Morris


Somalia, August, 1992

    Surprisingly, it is often people who live in the very area he's covering that are the most helpful.

"You befriend local people in those situations - stay in houses. In Chechnya, you would stay with the locals, stay in their houses. It all becomes second nature."

In fact, Morris says, one of the qualities that he says makes editors hire field-proven talent is their ability not just to go there and get great photos, but to return safely as well.

"That's why I know that Time and Newsweek depend on the same group of photographers because they know they can send somebody into, let's say, Rwanda. They know he's going to get there, make pictures, good pictures, and he's going to get the pictures o ut," says Morris. "Some young photographer could have the best portfolio in the world, he could be the best photographer in the world, but they're (editors) not really sure if they want to invest all their resources in that person because they don't know if he knows the logistics of it."

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