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Christopher Morris

Kuwait City, February, 1991

US Marines, Charlie Company - 1st Division push into Kuwait City, February, 1991


    What type of person would voluntarily strap on nothing more than a 35 mm camera body and a few lenses and put his life in jeopardy to get photographs that he'll rarely even look at again? According to Morris, his reasons are very similar to those of sports shooter Heinz Kluetmeier or any other photojournalist: an addiction to emotional moments and the need to be a part of the action.

"For me, it just became a love for photography ... you start covering stories and then you realize that ... it's so much more visual than say, a press conference at the White House. For me, it's real photography."

And though he doesn't deny the "adrenalin rush" aspect of what he does, Morris believes there is more than merely living so very close to danger.

"Any situation where you feel your body sense that it's on the verge of death, definitely produces adrenaline," he says. "If you go stand out on a highway in the center lane and let cars fly by you you'll get an adrenaline rush." What's different about photography, he says, "is that you get that rush, but also you feel like you are doing something for society. You are providing information on what is going on. You are there trying to inform and trying to show people what is happening in some of these places."

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