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Christopher Morris


Children in Sarajevo, December, 1993


    Considering his accomplishments, it's hard to imagine that Morris began shooting professionally a mere 15 years ago. Born in California and raised in Florida, his career began as an intern at the Miami Herald. It was a portfolio that he produced during that internship that won him a one-year scholarship at the International Center of Photography in New York in 1980 - and landed him a par t time job at the prestigious Black Star agency.

"At that time, Howard Chapnick at Black Star took me on just to help out in the office three days a week," recalls Morris. "I worked there for a year and then they fired me because I was looking at pictures too much and not working enough!"

He did, however, develop a relationship with both Chapnick and Black Star and they remain his agents today. But it was shortly after leaving his job there, during 1984-85, that the ambitious shooter made his first serious trips abroad.

"I made two trips to the Philippines with my own money...and the work that I produced, I showed it to Jimmy Colton at Newsweek and he sent me back - and that's when everything started for me," he says.

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