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Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris


    Working in footsteps laid down by the likes of Mathew Brady, Robert Capa and W. Eugene Smith, photographer Christopher Morris belongs to what is surely one of the most exclusive clubs in all of photojournalism: he is a "war" photographer. And though he balks slightly at being regarded as just a war photographer, the 39-year-old Time magazine contract shooter is, by his own estimate, one of "fewer than 20" photographers that roam the globe for the sole purpose of documenting violent social eruptions and armed conflicts.

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Among the stories that he has covered include numerous trips to the Philippines, to document, among other stories, the impromptu Presidential elections called by President Marcos in 1986. He has provided up-close coverage of brutal drug-related violence in Medellin, Colombia; Guerrilla fighting in Afghanistan, and the United States invasion of Panama (for which he won a second place Award at the 1990 World Press Photo Contest in the "Spot News" category). He was in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell, and has made a number of trips to Russia and the former Soviet Union to photograph the vicious battles of revolution and resistance in Chechnya.

Morris also provided extensive coverage of the Persian Gulf War--from the first deployment of United States troops until the final, climatic liberation of Kuwait. And most recently, Morris created some of the most human images to emerge from the devastatingly inhuman civil wars in the former Yugoslavia and Croatia.

For his work, Morris has been given a multitude of honors, including: the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award from the Overseas Press Club of New York (presented by Life magazine for best Photographic Reporting from abroad requiring "exceptional courage and enterprise" for his work in Yugoslavia); the 1992 Magazine Photographer of the Year Award from the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism and the Best Photojournalist Award from the International Center of Photography--also for his coverage of the break-up of Yugoslavia, to list just a few.