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   Welcome to Legends Online, the latest in an ongoing series of profiles and portfolios of some of the worlds greatest photographic talent, brought to you exclusively by PDN and Kodak Professional. In each edition, you can view and read about the images - and the image-makers - that have helped shape our perceptions of photography and broadened our understanding of our world.

We will present three additional Legends Online features this year, each highlighting the careers and work of two great photographers in different genres of the craft.

In this edition, we present a pairing of two of the worlds most highly regarded photojournalists: one who covers the world of sports, and the other who reports on human conflicts around the globe. Seemingly unrelated in their subject matter, war photographer Christopher Morris and sports shooter Heinz Kluetmeier reveal the common bond that ties them together: the desire to capture forever the precise moment.

From the Olympics in Nagano to the Big Top of the Ringling Brothers Circus, Kluetmeier has always gone for the big moment, the moment of high anxiety which involves high production values.

In global hotspots like Bosnia and Angola, Morris goes for the moment in an equally rigorous manner, but lives his life in a manner as dangerous as his subjects.

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Entry for Heinz Klutmeyer

Entry for Christopher Morris


left: Nagano Olympics, 1998, by Heinz Kluetmeier. Shot with Kodak E200 film.

right: Moscow, 1997, by Christopher Morris. Shot with Kodak DCS 520 Digital Camera

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