Howard Schatz Photography Bio
Howard Schatz


Howard Schatz is a hard photographer to describe. While he has photographed books on redheads, mothers-to-be and babies, he is not a portraitist in the traditional sense. And though he often photographs modern and ballet dancers, he is not your typical dance photographer (partly due to the fact that he frequently photographs his subjects under water). And while he has extensively photographed and documented the lives of homeless people, he is not truly a journalist either. Perhaps the best way to describe him is simply to say that Howard Schatz is a photographer who has a passion for photographing people.

Whether he's shooting a high-fashion assignment for a magazine or images for a book on mothers-to-be, Schatz explores his subjects with an almost childlike fascination and sense of wonder. During intense sessions that often last many hours, and on projects that often last for months, he uses his camera to reveal the landscape of the human form - while always acknowledging the warmth and integrity of the human spirit.

Working from his lower-Manhattan studio with his wife and business partner Beverly Ornstein, the Schatz/Ornstein studio produces a prolific mix of fine-art images, powerful high-end advertising visuals and major fashion spreads. Clients in the United States include mega names like AT&T;, IBM, Virgin Records, Dupont and Clairol; his foreign clients include Seibu in Japan, Mercedez-Benz in Italy and Wolford Swimwear in Austria.

Perhaps Schatz' most impressive and satisfying accomplishments though have been the nine lavishly produced books that he has produced including: Gifted Woman, Waterdance, Pool Light, Homeless: Portraits of Americans in Hard Times, Seeing Red: The Raptuure of Redheads, Passion and Line: Photographs of Dancers and Newborn.

In a world where powerful images divert our attention with every flip of the page, Howard Schatz' photographs command our attention.