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"I have been criticized for having too many styles, too many looks. People like reps, agents, don't like that. Art directors don't like it particularly, as a rule ... I'm concerned about it less today than I might have once been. I remember when I worked with Penn that he wanted to take pictures that would remain in history -- and he has certainly done this. I'm not sure I'll ever do it to a level he has done it, but I'm starting to understand that more now and you feel that you want to really, every time you have a chance to shoot, you want to take pictures that really mean something to you and it's not just pleasing a client anymore.

I mean I want to, obviously, please the client, if there is one...But it's increasingly important, I find, to please myself and usually, as a rule, I find that when I please myself I usually end up pleasing the people I work for as well."