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Douglas Kirkland grew up in the tiny town of Fort Erie, Ontario (population 7,000 at the time), perhaps the most unlikely of origins for a globe-circling celebrity photographer. And like most photographers, his first exposure to picture taking began with the family camera.

"My dad always loved to take pictures. You know, it was a big event when we got the Brownie box camera out and took a picture," Kirkland recalls. "That was really my introduction to photography."

Another big event in town, of course, were the local hockey games which Kirkland attended; but his concentration -- and his imagination -- were not so much on the game as on the person photographing it.

"My eye was really more on the guy with the Speed Graphic that was sitting at the edge photographing it for the local paper." he recalls. "By the time I was 14, I was the guy sitting there with the flash bulb and the four-by-five Speed Graphic and that was really exciting."