©1998 Joe McNally
In order to dramatically -- and safely -- light the training exercises that the astronauts performed in the pool, McNally had to create a sophisticated -- and safe -- lighting arrangement. He describes the extraordinarily complex set up:

"What I did was hire Hydroflex Lighting -- who did all the lighting in motion picture Armageddon. Armageddon was partially filmed in that pool. I told them to bring back the exact same lights that they put in the pool which are already safety certified. Then we moved in about 30 thousand watt seconds of National Geographic strobe lighting, put that on top of the control towers and top lit the whole surface of the pool. Then I went into the water with my strobe on my camera, had another diver working with me that operated as a trigger strobe off to my side who, in turn, pointed that strobe towards the surface where we had a trigger in a canister that was submerged in the water that would trigger a deck strobe which would, in turn, trigger the control tower lights. It turned a situation where ordinarily in that pool they shoot thousand speed color negative film into a situation where I was shooting Kodak ES 100 chrome film. The gain in quality was substantial."