©1998 Joe McNally
Of the three-month assignment, McNally says there were many high points -- not the least of which was the opportunity to photograph space-exploration legend Senator John Glenn on a very intimate level.

"Memorable instances in this coverage have been pretty plentiful and I think that is largely due to the persona of Senator Glenn," he says. "And not only just him individually but the way he relates to the crew and the self-effacing nature that he has -- the way he downplays his own importance to become part of the team."

"One of the early moments that I had with the Senator was one of the very first days when he got into what they call their L.E.S. Suits, which is their Launch and Entry Suits. Those orange spacesuits that you see them in. And I got a tingle out of it because I was ten years old when John Glenn went to space and the last time I had seen him in a spacesuit and here...I was in the same room with him, I was photographing him in a spacesuit. And damned if it didn't send a couple of shots right down my spine and just kind of shudder and ...think, geez, here he is. This is the deal."