©1998 Joe McNally
Kim Phuc
VideoOne of the most unusual assignments that McNally was given during his stint at Life, was to photograph four people who had been subjects of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs. One of those was Kim Phuc who, twenty-five years earlier as a nine-year-old girl, had made front pages around the globe in Huynh Cong "Nick" Ut's extraordinary photograph of her running naked down a road in Viet Nam, covered in napalm. Ut's photograph of Phuc was one of the images that brought the inhumanity of war to millions of people.

In order to make a connection to Ut's historic photograph, McNally knew that he had to reveal her ravaged and scarred body.

"Sometimes you have to just ask someone, you have to be very direct," he says. "I said to her, 'Kim, to make this picture work, I have to be able to see the scars.' And she knew that. Thankfully she had what was maybe the most wonderful baby in the world at the time, Thomas, and she was still breast feeding him which gave us a very natural way to show her life, her positive nature, her love for this new child and still show the scars that war had left on her physically."