©1998 Joe McNally
Sense of Sight Story: Michigan
"This young woman was a Detroit high school student who was in class when her irate boyfriend walked up to her and shot her in the head twice and blinded her. I spent some time with her during her rehabilitation process but then also hooked up with her at a camp for visually impaired students. That is the closest she has been to a horse and it is the first time since being deprived of her sight that she is employing her sense of touch to sort of encompass the reality of a large thing like a horse. With the light filtering through the barn it was just one of those moments that, as a photographer, you are blessed with and it takes your breath away. You not only see the resilience of this young woman but to also the incredible gentleness and beauty that still was able to come from within her even [after] having experienced this incredibly horrible thing."

-Joe McNally