©1998 Joe McNally
Blind Schoolboys
VideoOf all the magazine assignments that Joe McNally has photographed, certainly none has been as extensive or complex than his cover story on vision for National Geographic. Spending over a year researching and shooting on locations all over the world, and exposing upwards of 1,500 rolls of film, McNally produced what turned out to be a stunning 40-page essay.

One of the more interesting aspects of the shoot he says, was that many of the people he was photographing were not sighted. "I think when I first took on the assignment I thought to myself I have to be really careful to not overstep my bounds here because these folks can't see me," he says. "But I found out very quickly that in many ways they are more aware of me than a sighted person would be because their hearing operates at such a higher level than you're average sighted person's does. I also found they were very aware of me. They knew exactly what I was doing, where I was."