©1998 Joe McNally
Fiona Apple
Singer Fiona Apple was photographed on the New York subway by McNally for a story on strong women. Apple, who had chosen to be shot wearing a suit of armor arrived late for the shoot and had to leave almost immediately to get to a singing engagement in New Jersey.

"Her manager said, 'Well, the only way we're going to make it to the tour bus on time is to get on the subway,'" recalls McNally. "So I looked at Fiona and I said 'Get on the subway in the suit of armor?' And she said, 'Yeah, that sounds about right!'" For the next 40 blocks, using a Nikon Speedlight and available lights, the photographer and an assistant "worked like mad" and managed to pull off this startlingly candid shot during the ride.

And the subway riders? "They were absolutely nonplussed."