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Art Director: John Doyle
Video ClipOften says Meola, the most important thing that can make a campaign successful is having the confidence to take chances. He recalls a major campaign he shot in 1987 for Timberland, a manufacturer of outdoor clothing:

"The client was looking for landscapes that no one had ever seen before on the planet earth and they ended up choosing Scotland because it has some of the most unbelievable, almost prehistoric looking landscapes you can imagine. The art director, John Doyle, and I got there and made a very big gamble right out of the gate, which was that we were not going to work with professional models. Then we made another big gamble, which was to spend the first three weeks not shooting a thing. That's a big risk because you're gambling that you're going to come back and do everything in the last week or ten days."

The risks paid off though, and Meola says the campaign was one of the most successful of his career.