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Hockey Win

    But if there is one particular piece of advice that Kluetmeier seems to most believe in, it is this: Be there and be ready.

"When you argue about how good a photographer is, how difficult it was to take a great picture, many times what happens is it's the moment that's presented to you," he says. "But you can't create those moments."

Indeed, in looking back at some of the great moments of his career, it's easy to see that Kluetmeier has been very successful because he has been there so many, many times. And none of photos show one of these unexpected moments more elegantly than hi s amazing photo of the celebration of the American Hockey Team's victory over the Russians at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. It's an image so poignant, that it has seared itself into the memories of even the most jaded of sports fans and one that will be associated with him forever.

"There are some pictures that you're remembered for...and I think that's one of the pictures that people remember that I've taken." Though he says the image wasn't particularly difficult to take (it was shot from an ABC Sports platform), it's the mom ent itself that is compelling. "It was the first time that Sports Illustrated ever ran a cover without a billing to identify what was happening on the cover - because everybody knew," he says.

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U.S. Hockey team victory, Olympics, 1980

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