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Heinz Kluetmeier


Carlton Fisk

  There are times too, when circumstances are beyond the photographer's control. While covering a World Series game between the Red Sox and Cincinnati at Boston's Fenway Park, Kluetmeier found himself thrust into a play when Carlton Fisk hit a late-game home run to win the game for Boston. The photographer describes the moment:

"When Carlton hit that home run, the stadium went crazy. And you couldn't help being caught up in the moment, especially since all the fans were climbing over my back, trying to get on the field... Normally you try to stay back and photograph the event and not run out there because you lose things. But bottom line was I had no choice. So, I was swept out there. And when Carlton jumped on the plate, he actually jumped on my foot!... He was surrounded by fans... I realized where I was when I looked at the local paper the next morning with an overhead shot. I was right there at the plate, almost greeting him with my camera."

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Carlton Fisk, Boston Red Sox, World Series, 1975

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