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   In almost all sports, another consideration that photographers have to deal with, of course, is bringing the action close enough to fill the frame. In most cases, that means long lenses. One question that often comes up is: Does using long lenses distance the photographer too much from what's happening?

"I don't think you're taking yourself away from the emotions of the moment by using long lenses. In a way you're right on top of things," he says. "I don't think that the photograph you're going to have has different emotional impact. The only thing that does happen is your reaction. Feelings become a little more dispassionate and a little more unemotional when you're working with a very long lens." The images he believes can be just as compelling regardless of the lens being used.

World Series, Braves vs.Twins, 1991

John ElwayDespite the proliferation of super telephotos that we often see photographers use when covering things like the Olympics or baseball, surprisingly, Kluetmeier says most of his work is still done "with lenses that range from 85 mm to 200 mm...I think they give you more of the feeling of action and the context of the place."

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John Elway, October, 1991

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