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NFC Playoffs- Eagles. vs Bears, 1988

   Another of the great aspects of shooting in "natural" locations, says Kluetmeier, is that weather is such an exciting - though thoroughly unpredictable - partner in his work. Here he describes what he remembers as "one of the most visually compelling football games" he's ever photographed:

"It was a modest playoff game in Chicago which started under really wonderful sunny weather. And all of a sudden in the middle of the first quarter, the fog started rolling in off of Lake Michigan to the point that fans in the stands couldn't see the game, certainly television couldn't see the game....It almost became a throwback to the way football used to be where it was relaxed on the sidelines, where people didn't think this was a big deal. And the spirit of the game and the whole day changed."

With the game shrouded in fog, Kluetmeier had to change his photo game plan radically.

"There was no point in shooting anything close because you'd be literally shooting in the fog and you want to get the feeling of place and space," he explains. "It really called for a wide-angle shot of this field goal being kicked by the Bears. It was one of the most fun games I've gone to... it makes you lament all of these domes being built because it takes away these special kinds of moments."

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NFC Playoffs- Eagles. vs Bears, 1988

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