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Heinz Kluetmeier

Kentucky Derby, 1996

   If there is one hallmark of Kluetmeier's philosophy about getting a great photograph, it's this: any shot that you can imagine can be captured on film.

"During his tenure as Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated," reads a brief bio issued by the publication, "his staff learned never to say something was impossible; instilling a strong belief that planning and intelligence could solve any photographic problem."

And apparently, there are very few places where the inventive photographer hasn't thought of:

"If there's a place to mount them, that's where I put them," he says. "I've mounted cameras looking straight down from ceilings, looking at odd angles at basketball, under the rails at the Kentucky Derby, the tops of masts of sailboats... and on Indy cars."

Of course, mounting cameras in such places is not always the simplest - or least courageous of acts. But with his engineer's background, there are few places that have deterred his curious eye.

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Kentucky Derby, 1996

Underwater Setup

Kluetmeier installing remote camera, Olympics, Barcelona, 1992

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