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Heinz Kluetmeier

Super Bowl 1998

Super Bowl XXXII, 1998


   Though modest of his own accomplishments in photography, Kluetmeier does have strong convictions about what it takes to be a good sports photographer:

"I think good sports photographers are very perceptive in the sense that they can see things and think on their feet and they can shoot without having to contemplate a picture too long," he says. "They can react to something quickly, both technically and emotionally."

Many of these same characteristics, he believes, are the exact ones shared by other journalists, including war photographers like Christopher Morris.

"On a skill level, sports photographers would be terrific out there (in a war zone) because they shoot on the run, they can follow focus, they react to something that happens in front of them in the split second and they'll get it in focus, they'll get it properly exposed - and they'll frame it while they're running."

He is quick to point out the major difference in the two situations though:

"[In sports] You can stand in the way and not get killed - although I've been run over at a football game and spent some time in the hospital. But the fact is, one is the real world, where people are in a life or death situation and the other is entertainment."

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