© David BaileySponsored by PDN and Kodak Professional, this latest edition of Legends Online explores the life and art of one of England's most famous photographers of the past four decades: David Bailey. Bailey, almost as well-known for who he's slept with as for who he's photographed, has lived a life most of us only read about in the tabloids. He cohabited with British '60s model sensation Jean Shrimpton, married sultry French actress Catherine Deneuve, and became best friends with Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger.

© David BaileyOver the years, Bailey has produced books, paintings, directed commercials, documentaries and feature films, and even served as model for Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni's classic film Blow-Up (1966). This "revolutionary" photographer's true fame, though, lies in his photographic creations, images that move effortlessly from fashion photos for British and American Vogue to "intimate, almost friendly" portraits of celebrities and rock stars to street photography à la William Klein and Robert Frank.: "The pictures I take are simple and direct and about the person I'm photographing and not about me," Bailey modestly sums up. "I don't care about composition or anything like that. I just want the emotion of the person in the picture to come across.... to get something from that person."

© David BaileyWe've included a GALLERY of 20 of Bailey's celebrity portraits that can be accessed via a pull-down thumbnail icon.
VIDEO CLIP:: "I've tried other films and I always go back to Kodak" -- David Bailey
Choose the thumbnail photo you want to see as an enlarged image (with caption information) and click on it. You can also navigate your way through the Gallery section using the directional arrows at the bottom of the page. Also on this site are excerpts from an INTERVIEW with Bailey, conducted by Talk magazine's Charles Gandee; a brief BIOGRAPHY of the photographer's life; and VIDEO CLIPS of Bailey talking about specific images spanning his collection of images from the early '60s to the present day.

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