n its broadest sense, Patagonia is the region at the tip of South America, south of the 40th Parallel, north of the Magellan Strait and Tierra del Fuego, and spanning the countries of Argentina and Chile. It is a place of superlatives and Contradictions. To the East, the vast and arid Patagonia steppe-- considered to be the largest desert in the Americas-- stretches to the Atlantic. To the West, a dense temperate rain forest cloaks Pacific fjords, and glaciers tumble from the highlands to the sea. Patagonia encompasses the sweeping granite landscape of the southern Andean Cordillera, with some of the most inaccessible summits in the world, and the broad expanse of the Patagonia Icecap--350 kilometers of inaccessible glaciers, and the only substantial icecap outside of the polar regions. Arching over it all is the Patagonia sky, with spectacular clouds whipped into fantastic shapes by the constantly howling wind, the one unifying element in this Land of the Tempest.
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