Photojournalism Forum

    It was quite an evening on May 16, with everyone who's anyone in the photo industry attending Photo District News's 20th Anniversary Celebration of Images and Reception in Manhattan at the International Center of Photography Uptown. The theme of the event was "The Power of Photography," in celebration of the continuing power of the image over the past 20 years.

    As photo luminaries, young and old, mingled their way through the ICP to catch a glimpse of the most memorable images in Fashion, Editorial, Sports, Advertising and Photojournalism from the past two decades, the likes of photographers Arnold Newman, Lynn Goldsmith, Gary Gladstone, Christian Witkin, Maggie Steber, David Turnley, Howard Schatz, Eddie Adams and David Burnett, as well as ICP's Phyllis Levine, Contact Press Images' Robert Pledge and Vanity Fair's picture editor David Friend, were seen hobnobbing with other industry heavyweights while also delighting in taking in the "sights."

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All Photos by Joseph Meehan